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纱线切丝器: 能够满足各类需求的纱线切丝器(可切3000D)。





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Company presetation

Shanghai XieCan Smart Devices Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise combining new product development, large-scale production and brand sales. The company has been committed to the development of a wide variety of special controller for industrial automation and provided customized electronic control solutions for customers’ machinery and equipment. With the help of advanced production process and testing equipment, various series in different specifications has been formed. In using imported integrated chip, SMT production process and digital technology, the company’s product performance and quality has reached the same level with similar international products of advanced technology, and been a leader among domestic products. 

The company dominates the following areas in the textile industry:

Yarn Cutter: able to meeting various needs (able to cut up to 3000 Dtex yarns).

Yarn Sensor: capacitive sensor, optical sensors, piezo-electric sensors and electromechanical sensors, etc.

Digital Length Meter: for yarn length measurement (meter) to save raw materials and raise the efficiency of follow-up textile processes.

Digital Controller: various machinery and assembly accessories including digital factory management, DC brushless drive (new energy), electronic yarn clearer, draw texturizing machine for weight and length measurement and temperature control, coner control system, high-speed winding machine control system, two-for-one twister, doubling winder, yarn covering machine and rotor spinning.Strong in technology, production equipment and testing equipment, the company is committed to people-oriented and professional development of excellence in a new vision, to pioneer new business in new areas.

We warmly welcome old and new customers come to us – wait you to work together for our common story!